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Tom Young ([personal profile] avian_cat) wrote2016-12-22 09:57 pm


No clue how to do this right. I just got back from a fun trip down to a seaside resort, and then headed back to Paris IV. Weather's good. Oddest mail waiting for me. You'd think everyone went digital, but I suppose there's old school fellows the world over.

Either way, I'm heading down to meet up with James. I think he's down at the college taking some courses, so it's almost like old times.
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Old school does have its charming moments, I'd point out. Classical stylings and music and poetry and all of that. There's something nice about it all. And sometimes it's even un-pretentious. I mean there IS The Bard.
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Canines in cunning pants? Now that sounds entertaining. Are they perhaps professors of cunning at the university?

Things have been pretty mad actually, but definitely hellos to all of them. Are YOU all right?